There seems to be a general consensus among everyday average people that Police Officers get away with things average people can't get away with.  That notion may or may not be the outcome of sentencing that will take place this evening involving Kenneth Achtyl.  According to a news story, Achtyl has been found guilty of assault in the 3rd degree, official misconduct, and falsifying records related to an event that took place in 2017 when Achtyl was an Erie County Deputy Sheriff.  It happened at New era Field at Bill's game where he ended up arresting a young man who allegedly interfered with the officer's work.

Achtyl will be sentenced this evening but there are differences of opinion as to whether he will go free or do time.  You can make the determination yourself and ten watch for the news tonight as to whether he is held or whether he will serve time.

According to the news story, Erie County District Attorney John Flynn, says that Achtyl was fairly "tried" and found guilty by a jury of his peers.  However, the article also says that Flynn commented that he could not remember the last time a jury convicted a law enforcement officer.  Flynn did, however, also say this:

"I'll concede that the kid (the victim) didn't act perfectly, but at the end of the day, he (the victim) didn't deserve to get a broken nose and a concussion. He didn't deserve to get the treatment that he got from the deputy,"

There is a differing opinion as well though.

According to the news story, Achtyl's attorney says his client's actions were accidental.  The report shares that Achtyl says the incident happened “in the heat of battle". He didn’t know what to expect from this gentleman (Belsito).”   The Officer said, according to the report, that "it wasn't an assault, it was an effort to get (Belsito) under control.”

The news article quiotes Sheriff Timothy Howard as saying this to the press after Achtyl was found guilty:

"Just by a simple, gracious act of stepping out of the way of a police officer that's in the performance of his duties, all of this could have been avoided. Whether he feels that he was unfairly treated or not, that this could have been avoided from the beginning. The police officers that watched this case don't know where it went wrong."

Here is each man's opinion (District Attorney Flynn & Sheriff Timothy Howard)

Sheriff Howard took things a bit further saying Deputy Achtyl is a "Hero"

Sentencing for Kenneth Achtyl will take place this evening, according to the news story. in Orchard Park.  What do you think the outcome will be?

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