Holiday packages are already being delivered, unfortunately, there are crooks out there looking to cash in on some free holiday gifts for themselves. In most cases, crimes like this are hard to prosecute because there are usually no witnesses.

Erie County District Attorney, John Flynn reminds residents to be extra vigilant, stolen packages are on the rise especially this time of year. The fact that we're in a global pandemic makes it more tempting for people looking to commit these kinds of crimes even more appealing.

According to WIVB, Attorney John Flynn is recommending that residents invest in security cameras, to catch thieves in action. Also, try to be home during the delivery window and bring packages inside as soon as possible. Another thing you can do is ask your neighbor to look out for your deliveries. lastly, opt for curbside pick up instead of delivery if possible.

According to WIVB, the DA's office says it will prosecute someone caught stealing packages or anything that does not belong to them. Charges could potentially range from grand larceny, petit larceny, and criminal possession. There has been a 54% increase in stolen packages this year than in previous years.

In all my years here in Buffalo, this is probably one of the worst years as it relates to crime in the city. I think it's a good idea to take note of the tips to protect your holiday gifts, so you can have a happy holiday.

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