It's hard to swallow... the City in which I was born, and grew up loving, has turned into seemingly the "MURDER & CRIME CAPITAL OF NEW YORK STATE".
As I began looking for information to write this Blog, I was AMAZED at VIDEO UPON VIDEO (on YouTube) of Fights and violence in Rochester, NY.  Having lived there all of my life...things changed drastically at some point... I'm not really certain when things changed...but things changed.
Growing up in Rochester was pretty normal...there were the occasional disagreements and fights... I was even in a few with my now BEST FRIENDS, while growing up on Hawley Street (for the most part).  However, I NEVER witnessed the extent of fighting I happened across on YouTube, relative to Rochester, NY.  The people are different, the fights are different, the attitudes are different, THE POLICE ARE DIFFERENT!!!!!
I'm not sure what IS going on in this SEEMINGLY QUIET TOWN.... but it's getting to be ridiculous and EMBARRASSING for anyone who has to say "I'm from"...or..."I Live" in Rochester, NY.
I've attached some videos of the ignorance that prevails in this city, but more important (in my opinion), is the latest controversy which Rochester is NO STRANGER TO... Racism & The Rochester Police Department.  I personally witnessed an Officer spit on a young man as the young man walked away from The Officer after it was discovered the young black teen was doing nothing... I SAW THIS WITH MY OWN TWO EYES... this was to the dismay of the Officer who had no clue  I was sitting in my car listening to and watching the entire incident.  Accusations of Racial Profiling, Police Brutality, etc have plagued Rochester for quite some time now...and it seemingly continues...WITH MERIT!
Below is a link to the latest CONTROVERSIAL ARREST OF THREE BLACK TEENS WHO WERE SIMPLY WAITING FOR A BUS TO GO TO A BASKETBALL GAMNE along with other videos I ran across.  My question is this:  IS THE ROCHESTER, NY POLICE DEPARTMENT DOING ENOUGH...OR ARE ROCHESTARIANS FEELING LIKE...."ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"?  While there are almost weekly HOMICIDES and the Crime Rate is 3 times that of New York City...Rochester Police are arresting INNOCENT TEENS FOR WAITING FOR A BUS TO GO TO A GAME!!!!!????  ...And that's not mentioning the numerous TRAFFIC STOPS for trivial matters such as no light on a license plate, tires which don't have the proper amount of air, bald tires, loud music, etc...  Aren't LIVES and SAVING & PROTECTING THEM more important than the FINANCES GENERATED BY WRITING TRAFFIC TICKETS?
I'm just left shaking my head in DISBELIEF that this is the City I ONCE KNEW...but am currently ashamed of and so happy to have left.  It's NOT THE PEOPLE... IT'S THE LACK OF CARING ABOUT THE PEOPLE.  I will end by saying this... there is HOPE in that Rochester just elected it's First Woman & First African-American Female Mayor - Mayor Lovely - Ann OUTSTANDING INDIVIDUAL who I KNOW PERSONALLY 'cares' about people.  If she can only impress her attitude upon the Rochester Police Department...who seemingly... "walk their own path".
Rochester Teens Arrested



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