The title of this Blog yesterday was ... "Did You Lose A Wedding Ring?"  That has since changed to it being "A Feel Good Memorial Day Weekend Blessing and Story".

I posted that story on the WBLK Website yesterday after seeing it on the WIVB website...yesterday Sandie Czarnecki was in distress after realizing she had lost her wedding a year after he passed, according to the report.  The news report also goes on to explain that Sandie went to the visit her late husband at his resting-place and said this to him:

"I went to the cemetery and when I was there I said, 'I lost your ring. There it goes. Should I let go now?'"  

Wow; she must have been devastated.  The account of what happened next is a Blessing.   A Valu Home Centers' employee, Nick Lamoureux, actually found the ring at the entrance of the store, and put in his pocket thinking it was a dropped Washer of some sorts...not paying attention until he got home and forget it was in his pocket and looked a bit more closely, realizing it was a ring.  Lamoureux reached out to Channel 4 News for help.  Well not only did I see the news story but so did Sandie's daughter. They obviously contacted Channel 4 to retrieve the ring and this is how that turned out:

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