Deyanna Davis is the young lady who was driving the car that struck three State Troopers on Bailey Avenue during a protest on June 1, was ultimately arrested, and has been in the decided to release her  Erie County Holding Center until today when U.S. District Court Judge Lawrence Vilardo released her, according to WGRZ News.

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Upon Deyanna Davis being turned over to the United  States Marshals, according to WGRZ these are the stipulations of her release:

  •  $75,000 bail
  • electronic monitoring
  • no operation of a motor vehicle unless Federally approved
  • a mental health evaluation
  • $20,000 bail on state charges of attempted murder

According to the WGRZ News report, Deyanna  Davis' case will go before the Erie County Grand Jury.

There's another side to this story and it involves Deyanna's family, Activist Myles Carter (whoa was arrested the night of the incident, according to his youtube video below) and a group called 'Black Lives Resist In The Ruff' who have all, prior to today, been protesting on behalf of Deyanna Davis' release:

Deyanna Davis' Family and Myles Carter Protest:

'Black Lives Resist In The Ruff' Protest:


Deyanna Davis' family says that Davis was shot 8 times by Officers the night if the incident:

Black Lives Matter Art


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