Carters Bail Out Baltimore [VID]
This should stop all the "Beyoncé & Jigga don't do enough for the Black Community" talk. A social justice activist says she called on Jay Z to help bail out protestors in Baltimore and Ferguson and he wired over the cash immediately. Deets inside.
Protesters in Highland Park were out in the dozens over what they called a criminal act by those individuals in charge of dumping precious books and artifacts that could have been used to educate children in community centers and other outlets throughout the city of Detroit.
Epic Egyptians overthrow pres.!
Today citizens of Egypt proved the incredible power of "The People" as they staged the largest political protest in history and had President Mohammad Morsi arrested and removed from power.
Occupy Wall Street: Zuccotti Park Cleared! Good or Bad
We've all heard a lot about the movement "Occupy Wall Street" quite a bit lately in the news and on the Internet.  For those of us who haven't, it is a people powered movement that began in September of this year and has spread quickly throughout the country, even Bu…