Does anyone find it strange that the rioting in Baltimore began RIGHT AFTER THE FUNERAL! I've been to Church so many times where the Pastor or Speaker is saying things that could very easily be MISUNDERSTOOD... There are so many Pastors who are WITHOUT ANY CREDENTIALS and believe they have a "CALLING" but end up either misinterpreting The Word OR using The Word WRONGLY and the Words spoken actually PROMOTE ANGER!!!! If there was a message that in any way IMPLIED ...."WE'RETIRED OF THIS".... it could VERY EASILY lead to people leaving the Funeral MAD....MAD ENOUGH TO RIOT. Some Churches feel they're helping, but their actually HURTING. BTW.,..I saw a News Clip of one of the Speakers at the Funeral saying... "THIS IS OUR TIME...THIS IS OUR TIME TO MAKE THINGS RIGHT". Now that could be interpreted VERY WRONGLY BY THE WRONG PERSON ... Clergy often just spew out EMOTIONALLY PACKED SERMONS without THINKING!!!!! I contend that The Riots, & The MESSAGE @ The Funeral are VERY CLOSELY RELATED with "THE MESSAGE" serving as the Culprit for LASHING OUT VIOLENTLY!!!! So you're asking yourself... is he suggesting THE CHURCH (whatever Church it is in Baltimore) is the PROBLEM.... YESSSS!!!!!!!.... I AM!!!!...and I will continue to believe so until I hear for myself what was said at the Funeral ... until then I'm going to assume there were things said that incited RIOTING... maybe not purposely,,, but definitely IRRESPONSIBLY SPOKEN. Again... RIOTING DIDN'T START UNTIL **RIGHT AFTER** THE FUNERAL!!!! Think about that... is it a COINCIDENCE???? NO IT ISN'T! ....Oh, btw.... Reverend Jesse Jackson was one of the Speakers.... Hmmmmm.... and that leads to another TOPIC OF DISCUSSION.... PASTORS....MAKE UP YOUR MINDS... EITHER YOU'RE GOING TO BE A PASTOR AND DELIVER THE WORD OF GOD.... OR BE A POLITICIAN / SOCIAL ACTIVIST AND DELIVER EMOTIONALLY CHARGED ***SPEECHES*** DESIGNED TO **AWAKEN** ONES INSTINCT TO LASH OUT "AGAINST"... I guess IT IS OUR TIME.... OUR TIME TO EXAMINE SELF (...and yes by stating "SELF"... I'm speaking to BLACK CHURCHES & PASTORS)... if Pastors are going to say whatever they say.... follow it up with an example of how CHRIST would handle things... or maybe CHURCH IS NOT ABOUT CHRIST ANYMORE...!!!!

Here Are Some News Videos with Clips of Speeches from The Funeral:


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