Buffalo Talks Church
According to WKBW an 84-year-old woman was kicked out of her church and told that she wouldn't be able to be buried next to her late husband. Her family said that she had attended for 50 years, but not enough in the past year to meet the mandatory of 4 fellowships...
Jailed for Sex w/ 13 Year-Old
According New Reports, Caleb Sexton, 28, pleaded guilty to Criminal Sexual Act in the Third Degree in Erie County Court and faces 4 Years in Jail and will have to Register as a Sex-Offender. According to the Buffalo News, The Rev. Douglas Sexton, Caleb Sexton's Father, said he believes his son is innocent and is asking for prayers that the truth be revealed...
Obama Gives Eulogy - Live Stream
Hundreds gather at Emanuel AME for Senator Clementa Pinckney's funeral as President Obama is set to give the eulogy. Watch the live stream Friday Morning starting at 11:30 a.m.
Young Men Needed to Cut Grass
This is Todd Anderson asking for your help in finding some young men in Buffalo who'd be willing to help a local pastor with cutting grass in a small park set up for the community.
driver of fatal crash identified
We finally know something about the man who jumped the curb at Delaware Park Saturday morning. His name is Christian P. Myers, 28 and although he's not yet facing charges in the tragic death of the 3 yr old boy, he is currently on probation for another crime involving young boys.
What Message Is Being Sent?
Does anyone find it strange that the rioting in Baltimore began RIGHT AFTER THE FUNERAL! I've been to Church so many times where the Pastor or Speaker is saying things that could very easily be MISUNDERSTOOD... There are so many Pastors who are WITHOUT ANY CREDENTIALS and believe they have a "CALLING" but end up either misinterpreting The Word OR using The Word WRONGLY and the Words spok
The Hottest Easter Pageant Ever [VIDEO]
When I say hot I really mean hot, this performance literally set the church on fire.  Shout out to the singer who still finished the performance despite the open fire behind him. Sidebar:  The pastor (the man who was wrestling with the fire) was treated at the hospital and released...
I came across this picture on Facebook and although it rang was also personally bothersome because it's SAD to me.  I have many thoughts but yours are what's most important. What's your response to seeing this picture?  
Priest Calls Police in Bondage
The pastor of St. Aloysius Church in Springfield, Illinois, has been granted a leave of absence after he called 911 last November from inside the church and told a police dispatcher he needed help getting out of a pair of handcuffs. We don't know how Father Tom Donovan...

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