A Code Blue 32 is issued when temperatures are dangerously low and frigid and pose a threat to the lives of people who are homeless and without any shelter, which is what's expected tonight.  So the Code Blue 32 that's been issued is an alert for people to go to specific shelters, namely, in this case, The Harbor House located at 241 Genesee Street, which will serve as a warming shelter for anyone living on the streets.

Persons in need of taking advantage of the Harbor House (warming shelter) who cannot get there, can call 211 and a ride will be provided for them.  You can give anyone in that situation the phone number, however, if you see, someone who may not have the capacity to call, you  can call for them and give the specifics as to where they are and they will be given a ride to the shelter

NOTE: St, Lukes is normally one of the warming shelters people use, but it's closed ... so please direct people to The Harbor House

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