It looks like Chris Rock and Kevin Hart are teaming up for an epic comedy.
According to, Chris Rock will reportedly directing a comedy starring Kevin Hart about a messy divorce. Both comedians have been very open about their past marriages and why they didn’t work out. Often times using their experiences for material in their stand-up routines.

Right now, Chris is reportedly negotiating his contract. The film is called CoParenting, and is written by Blackish’s Yamara Taylor. The movie will also be produced by Will Packer. Here are the details about the movie, apparently the movie is about a “stay at home dad who raises the kids while his star CEO wife serves as the breadwinner. The man finds himself in emotional and public turmoil when his wife kicks him to the curb, and they engage in a bitter divorce and custody battle.”

The film is based on the original idea from both Chris and Kevin. Given their past relationships and both men going through divorce, naturally we’d assume they have plenty of material to choose from. The only question that remains is, Are you going to see it when it comes out?

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