There seems to be a lot of theroies about this video and song. I don't know about all the analysis but I interpreted it like this. This is what I think.

This song is about global warming, how if we as humans don't stop fretting over the small things in life such as beef etc. there will be no world for us, or our children, just an eventuate emptiness. He has used the famous black community to compare this. All these current celebrities care about is fame, drama and money, they keep going in cycles, struggling to see the larger picture of life, they don't want to come together to benefit their Earth. At the end, the icons of Whitney Houston and MJ, (R.I.P) are shown to show how cruel life is for black celebrities and how quickly a great figure can fall if left unchecked, similarly to our Earth. Neglect our Earth,like MJ and WH were neglected. Okay Im done! Check out the video below!!



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