Have you ever wanted to learn to meditate? Or what Chakras are and better yet how to balance them? You seen the late great Nipsey Hussle talk about saging but have no clue what it is or what it does.

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In order for me to deliver my message to the world and teach, it must be as authentic as possible, and that is with the ancient teachings of numerology. I found a way to combine my spiritual gifts with factual findings in numbers to provide help and finer perspectives for people who come across my path. ~ Numerology Logic

You may even hear a lot of talk about Crystals but wouldn't even know how to begin incorporating them into your routine. If you have had these curiosities, Kay Thoth known as @numerologylogic can help you with all that and much much more! I sat down with her for an unboxing of tons of Chakra centering, energy cleansing goodies! Watch below and chime in via comment so she can answer any questions you may have.

Kay offers many services including 'Numerology Psychic Readings,'

Topics covered; Life Lessons & Career, Karma, Soul Desire, Outer Personality, Path of Destiny

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