Many, including myself (after having known Will Holton for about 6 years), didn't know the whole Will Holton story, aside from him being one the best Saxophone players you've ever heard.  The rest of Will Holton's story was finally told Saturday night at the Tralf as Holton performed Love Cadenza VI with a portion of the proceeds going to The American Heart Association.  Why the American Heart Association?

Holton has been doing the 'Love Cadenze Concert Series' for a while but has recently decided to turn the event into a 'concert with a purpose' to reflect on his own personal experience with a Heart condition.  Holton has incorporated recognition, support, a thank you, and awareness relative to the American Heart Association which has played a vital part in Will's life relative to his heart condition.   Partial proceeds from Saturday night's 'Love Cadenza VI' concert will be donated to the American Heart Association.

What exactly is the heart condition that Will Holton was born with?


Listen to this FULL INTERVIEW with Will Holton regarding his experience with a heart condition of his own he lives with:

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