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Small business is booming in the Queen City and a new cafe will be opening soon to offer a  unique and creative experience for local consumers. If it's one thing major candle retailers have taught us, it's that Buffalo LOVES candles so what's better than being able to create your own? This is the vision that New York City native Suheiri Rodriguez plans to bring to life at 2317 Main Street, Buffalo NY. NY Candle Cafe, a one-of-a-kind three in one cafe unlike anything the city has seen and will be a for sure to go spot for your candle, home decor and bath essential needs, but also to get in your creative bag and create a candle or two yourself, or just catch a vibe on wifi. I caught up with Suheiri to talk more about how she started in business and what the future holds for her company Pulse Point Collection and its newest venture.

ReddRoxx: Thank you for taking the time to sit down with me! Please Introduce yourself and tell us where you're from

Suheiri Rodriguez: Hi Redd Roxx! My name is Suheiri Rodriguez. I am from New York City but I currently reside in Buffalo, NY.

RR: Awesome! Tell us about your amazing business

SR: I have my brick and mortar, NY Candle Cafe plus my home decor and bath line, Pulse Point LLC. NY Candle Cafe is a place to light up the town. Buffalo being the City of Lights, it only made sense to bring my candle making experience to Buffalo since I started my business in WNY. NY Candle Cafe is a three part location where any guest can come in without a reservation to make a candle from start to finish and take home same day. Local pedestrians can also bring food and drinks here similarly to your typical cafe just to enjoy the ambiance and wifi of course. Lastly we have our retail sector where you can shop Pulse Point Collection along with numerous other small business vendors that are housed in my store.

RR: That's really amazing! I can see a lot of date nights and mommy daughter days happening there, I love it. I think your concept is amazing but it's also going to be a lot of work, what made you want to start a business?

SR: My business is a hobby turned into a business. I knew I always wanted to work for myself one day. I just needed to connect my hobbies with work skills and it led me to where I am now. My business isn't just candle making, soap making, etc it's an experience. I've worked in the hospitality and retail industry for so long and I love getting people things they need and want, why not just give it to them but help them make it?

RR: That makes sense! You're very fortunate to have turned a hobby into a business. Making products from scratch takes a lot of care a precision, why did you choose this particular business?


SR: I have sensitive skin and when in college it was cheaper to make my own vegan products in large quantities versus purchasing items with SLS and parabens that hurt my skin. I was already working three jobs to pay my way through college. I couldn't afford to buy the high name brand stuff so one thing led to another and here I am almost four years into my business.

RR: Ok! Well that's dope that your business is something you love and have a passion for. Congratulations on your success so far!  What's some of the major obstacles you've overcome so far as a business owner?

SR: The biggest obstacle I've overcome as a business owner is having to realize even in this day and age no matter your credentials, abilities or even connections, racism still exists terribly. I was just a signature away from my first store front until the building owner saw my legal name on the signed agreement I forwarded to her. The interactions we had were all via phone, where I introduced myself as "Sue". We probably talked for 30 minutes about her life as a widow, her sons passing etc. It wasn't until I forwarded her my signed copy that we got on a call and she told me "She doesn't rent to people like me". From then on, I only went by Suheiri. Sue is no more in my world of business. You'll take me as I am, or not at all, at my regard now.

RR: How unfortunate. I'm sorry that you had that experience and I'm happy that you found your business home despite facing such adversities. Overcoming such obstacles can make it difficult to balance life at times, so how do you balance your personal and business goals?

SR: My personal goals are my business goals. I left the 9-5 sector not to have more of a flexible schedule or my own schedule but to do more and better things with my time, whatever that might mean for me. As I grow and expand on my business I know I will be able to separate out the two until then they are one!

RR: Dope! Was it always a goal to open a brick and mortar for your business?


SR: Absolutely. It just makes the most sense. Harvesting an online base and an online store is great but with that I would limit myself and my ability to offer the candle making experience which now I can offer at the store. I was able to offer it previously where my clients provided a space but there were so many business opportunities lost because of me not having one. The retail sector of it is just an add on.

RR: Definitely makes sense! I can't wait to bring my baby girl in to make a candle or two.You honestly make this business thing look so effortless! What's some advice you'd like to give to other women who're thinking of starting a business?

SR: Do it now! and do it now! What are you waiting for? Come talk to me at the store, I offer free advice. I want us all to win. Don't let the fear of failing stop you. You're already failing if that's the case so why not try. You can never fail when you're setting your own expectations. Not everyone will love what you do or how you do it. But that is the best part. It's your own thing. Do it to your liking and it will be exceptional. I promise you that much.

RR: That's really great advice!  How can we support your business?


SR: My grand opening will be on December 4th. I'd love it if you'd join me in celebrating such an innovative and vibrant location. Tickets to the grand opening are available on Eventbrite. If you're not available then, We will be open Tuesday to Thursday from 10am to 8pm and on Friday and Saturday until 10pm.

About NY Candle Cafe: The very first candle making bar in WNY. Come in and make your very own custom candle. You'll choose your jar, scent and favors from start to finish. While you wait feel free to bring a bottle and snacks and just enjoy the space. Great music in a clean and safe space for all. While you wait feel free to shop minority owned small businesses featured in the store. We will house lounge wear, room sprays, CBD and THC edibles, candles, soaps, sugar scrubs etc. Perfect for a date night, girls night, corporate retreat event, bachelorette party and more.

716-768-1298 (store number available after December 4th) - accepting inquires for private parties/date nights.

@NYCandleCafe - Brick and Mortar

@PulsePointLLC - Retail sector

@_Suheiri_ - personal page.

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