Like Reading?  Well similar to a 'Flash Mob', Buffalo is the home of the 'Reading Invaders', as so I've named them.  This will be the 7th Season that avid Buffalo Readers can invade a designated reading location where the Buffalo Reading Invasion takes place.  There are several locations that have been identified to 'host', so to speak, the Buffalo Reading Invasion.

The Buffalo Reading Invasion is not a Book Club and it's nothing you have to register or pay for.; all you need to do is follow the Buffalo Reading Invasion Schedule (below) and show up.  According to the Buffalo Reading Invasion Facebook Page, here are the details regarding the event:

If you haven't been to an Invasion before, the idea is simple: Participants bring something to read and “invade” one of our many beautiful public spaces around Buffalo. This isn’t a book club; just a time to come together, to enjoy the act of reading, and to remind our fellow Buffalonians that reading is an essential element in many of our lives.

The first Buffalo Reading Invasion summer event has been announced along with the entire 2018 Schedule, and as tradition would have it, according to the Buffalo Reading Invasion invitation Page, the 1st event will be held at the traditional 1st Buffalo Reading Invasion's summer reading location, along the Bidwell Parkway on June 12 from 7PM-8PM.

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