Imagine going to your loved one's resting place and they are not there...they've been moved without your consent or knowledge...and you don't know where they've been moved to.  This is what has happened to may with Loved Ones at St Matthews Cemetary.  I interviewed one of those family members. Miss Robin Hatten.

...another family, the Lemon Family, also has a Wife / Mom who was moved without consent or notification at St. Matthews:

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There were a total of 220 Grave Sites moved, according to News Reports.   A St. Matthews representative was quoted as saying this: 

"Given the instability of the land in the Garden of Good Shepherd, we've had to move very quickly yet methodically, in the midst of unsafe and continuously evolving conditions, making it impossible to accommodate the understandable desire of so many families to be present during the process of disinterment and reinterment of their loved ones. If the immediate family members or next of kin of people interred in St. Matthew’s Garden of Good Shepherd have any questions, they can contact the cemetery at a phone number established exclusively for these families at (716) 818-4713

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