Leaving your vehicle unlocked makes you an easy target for theft or even worse, there has been a recent increase in car burglaries, especially in cases where people have left their cars unlocked. I have been a victim of this as well, in my case, I came home from work late and actually caught the person in the act of stealing from one of my vehicles.

According to WIVB,  Micheal Doblinger was found with a number of stolen items in Amherst, shortly after 6 a.m, a report went out to Amherst Police of a man breaking in multiple cars. Doblinger has been charged with larceny and possession of stolen property. I have learned from being a victim of this myself, so I came up with a few tips that can help you keep from having your vehicle targeted.

Obviously, keep your doors locked when you leave your car and keep valuable items out of sight. The one thing that I've noticed that works, is an anti-theft light on the dashboard of your vehicle. Most new cars have these equipped already, but if not you can buy them at an auto parts store. Another idea is to try to park your vehicle in a well-lit area if possible or even if you are able to install floodlights to your home in your driveway. Lastly, make sure your car alarm is loud and working.

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