According to news reports, Jamia Jones lost everything in a fire that took place on Frankfort Street on Thursday.  According to Jamia Jones,

"I come back from Party City to the house up in flames" said Jamia Jones.

WGRZ reported that The Buffalo Firefighters responded to this tragedy by throwing a Free Birthday Party for the 6-Year-Old.  Buffalo Fire Commissioner William Renaldo said this:

"We decided to get together, throw him a birthday party, shower him with a lot of gifts, invite his family here and show him that there is a second family out there that he can rely on"

Erick Jones was the 6-year-old celebrating his birthday with the Buffalo Firefighters.  His Mom, Jamia Jones, said this, according to the news story:

"There's no amount of thanks that you can give for all of this," said Jamia Jones, Erick's mother. "All the gifts, all the time, they didn't have to do it, like you said, and I'm just so grateful."

According to the news story,  Erick was named an honorary member of Engine 33 by the Buffalo Firefighters and they told him that he is welcome to stop by to see them or the firetrucks any time he wants.

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