There aren't a lot of places in Buffalo that can do what they do at the West-Side Bazaar.  But after today, it will be a while until they can do it again.

The West-Side Bazaar is a marketplace really but we know it as one of the best restaurants in Buffalo.  When you go there, you can find all kind of cultural clothing and jewelry from all over the world.  But again, the thing that many people like is the diverse amount of ethnic food that you can get all in one place.  They serve everything from Burmese, Chinese, Ethiopian, Japanese, Malaysian,  South Sudanese, and Thai cuisines.

The food is amazing!

However, today they experienced a fire that will put them out of commission for what seems to be an undetermined amount of time.

The statement on their page says,

"In the early hours of September 20, a fire broke out in our West Side Bazaar. We are thankful no one was hurt, but extensive damage has occurred. We are working with the business owners to help them navigate this traumatic event and move forward. At this time, we do not have a reopening date. Thank you for your business."

The idea is that these small businesses can test out ideas and learn how to run a small business, then go on to grow their business once they understand what it takes to succeed.  There have been multiple businesses that have gone on to open their own retail or restaurant businesses around Western New York that started at the West Side Bazaar.

We hope that they will be able to get back on their feet soon.


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