Ed Lawton shot a video of Police stopping a man in Allentown because he thought the treatment, detainment, and questioning of the man was unnecessary.  Ed Lawton may be correct due to there being no arrest of then man stopped.

I watched the video and have an opinion but what do you think?  Do you agree with Ed Lawton, who took the video, or do you agree with Police Officials who say the Officer(s) did what they should have done.


After watching the video, I don't see why the man needed to be stopped, but I am not a Police Officer so mine is simply a lay person's opinion.  Another opinion I have, although what Ed Lawton did in recording this incident is excellent, however, I feel he could have been a bit more respectful to the Officers.  I also can't help but feel as though things would not have gone the way they did with EdLawton in terms of the Officers just taking off without arresting me for speaking to them in the manner Ed Lawton did.

Additionally, I do not agree with the language (profanity) the Officer used in dealing with Ed Lawton, the man taking the video.  Just my opinion.

What do you think?  Take the POLL:

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