As we all know, this has been an extremely tough time for small businesses. Small Business Saturday is one of the busiest times for local business owners, as this day usually draws big crowds of shoppers.

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One major concern that business owners have is, the large crowds possibly causing more spread of the COVID-19 virus. There are extra safety measures in place to help with keeping people safe.

We're asking everyone to wear a mask like they been used to doing. We've sanitized things throughout the store, and we're asking that you sanitize when you come in.

said, Rachel Murszewski according to WIVB.

Stores are also doing in-store and curbside pick up to help keep lines moving and also limit the number of people in stores at one time. This is another great way to stay in compliance with the state regulations for the number of people gathering in one place.

There is a maximum limit to the stores and most of the business owners have figured out and you have to bare in mind, it's not just what we're legally allowed to do, we don't want to get sick either.

said, Therese Deutschlander according to WIVB

This year the county has started  "The Shop 716 eGift Card Program", shoppers can buy a $25 or a $50 card to a local business, and the county will match it.

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