According to WGRZ, critical programs that have been supporting many Americans for months set to expire at the end of the year. There is a lot of pressure on all of us right now because the holiday season is here and like many Americans, I feel that we all can use a little relief.

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Credit WGRZ,

In a recent interview with 2 on your side, Republican Congressman Tom Reed talked about the negotiations going on in congress. Tom Reed said, " there is a path to getting a smaller stimulus bill passed, than the one that President Donald Trump offered last month of 1.8 trillion.

According to WGRZ, Tom Reed said, the current being negotiated is between $ 500 Billion and 1Trillion.

regonize that all we are trying to do on this emergency bill is to get a timeframe of March 1st, you don't have to do a 12 month bill, do a very targeted bill, and if you do that, the number is much smaller.

said Tom Reed, according to WGRZ

Congressman Brian Higgins made a recent statement.

The need for additional federal emergency relief is clear. That's why in May and again in October the House of Representatives voted to approve a version of the Heros Act, legislation modeled after the CARES Act. addressing urgent health needs and providing relief for Americans.

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