The link to the details regarding this news story is below the news video and necessary to read regarding all the vast details surrounding the arrest of Jariel Cobb, James Reed, Jahaan McDuffie, Deanna Olbert and Destenee Bell whom were all arrested, according to the news report, in September of this year and charged with narcotics conspiracy, a Federal charge,  with accusations that they possessed heroin with the intent to distribute heroin, cocaine, and marijuana.

Jabriel Cobb, had a prior arrest, along with 18 others, on June 23, 2006, and was at the time, the suspected leader of the 'Cash Money Gang'.   U.S. Attorney for the Western District of New York at the at a time, Terrence Flynn, said this regarding Cobb:

“He has the potential to serve 20 years to life for this second arrest and subsequent conviction,”

WBLK posted surveillance video from a news story (also shown in the news video below), showing what looked like two men walking away from a burning car and escorting a little boy away, which turned out to be the child of the persons who died in the burning car.

One day after we posted the video, an Assistant US Attorney in open court, according to news reports, reported that;

“Buffalo Police received information that one of the persons shown in the video–is a person named Jariel Cobb…… So the FBI ramped up their investigation into Jariel Cobb.”


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