Earlier this year in his State of the State Address, Governor Andrew Cuomo's made an announcer that he would assign a task force to determine what impact legalizing marijuana would have on New York State.

Well it looks as though that study has been done and now State Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker has told reporters, according to a News Report that,

"[The report found] the pros outweigh the cons."

Dr. Zucker went on to say this, according to the News Story,

"This is no different than any medicine," says Zucker. "When new facts come in, you have to look at the analysis and you have to figure out what kind of decision do you make at that point in time. So, we have new facts, we have new data and as a result of that we have made the decision to move forward."

"Move forward" that is, to make the recommendation to Governor Cuomo that recreational marijuana be legalized in NYS.  It seems the only question left on the table now regarding the legalization of "recreational weed" in NYS is WHEN?!


What do you think NYS State will be like with Recreational Marijuana being Legal?

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