Local Notable people, who are not necessarily known Nationwide, are just as famous, and even more so than the truly famous.  I didn't know Miss Blondine Harvin, but from reading the News Stories today, one thing stuck out to me, something I think was more important to Miss Harvin than the restaurant named after her ... Gigi's Soul Food Restaurant, where she fed the homeless as well as the famous, according to what I've read.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., whose birthday we celebrate on Monday, was one of the lucky people who had the honor of tasting Gigi's home-made mac and cheese, sweet potato pie, collard greens, smothered pork chops and peach cobbler, as described in news stories.  Dr. King was only one of a distinguished group whose mouths watered over her cooking; you can include Lena Horne, Joe Louis, Hillary Clinton, Arthur Eve, Rev. Jesse Jackson and myself ... rather I ate there also ... lol.   You can listen to Miss Harvin's son Darryl, who promises to open Gigi's again soon inside the Northland Workforce Training Center at 683 Northland Ave., talk about the history of the restaurant (click the button below...audio frominnovationtrail.org)


The fact that one can smile even now when thinking about Blondine Harvin, is a testament to the life she lived...and the joy she had regarding that 'something' which I mentioned as being most important to her.  I think that 'something' was her relationship with her Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  I could be wrong but I get that sense. 

There are those reading this who may have known 'Goodie" since they were kids in Buffalo.  "Goodie" is what some tell me they called Miss Harvin when they were kids and even into adulthood, among those who truly knew her.

There's also an unconfirmed story as to how the name Gigi's came about.  I checked and checked and could not find anything supporting this but, I was told there was a lady named Gigi who lived in Buffalo and was an actress, when she left Buffalo to pursue an acting career in California, she sold the business to Miss Harvin and you know the rest of the amazing story as to what Miss Harvin turned it into.  Whether true or not, Miss Blondine Harvin is Buffalo History as well Black History and her Spirit and restaurant will continue to Bless the people of Buffalo, NY.

Miss Blondine Harvin's Gigi's  Soul Food Restaurant'sLegacyay continues:

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