This may very well be the year.  Josh Allen is looking like the next Tomm Brady.  the confidence he plays with is incredible and his athleticism is 2nd-to-none; he's making Tyrod Taylor look like he wasn't that great a runner after all.  Tyrod Who?

I'm a bit nervous about all these Bills wins...actually 6 Stright when you factor in Pre-season.  Now they're 2-0 and have made history; they've NEVER been 2-0 to start the season "on the road".

Bill's Fans are on top of the world and "singing a new tune" ... "The Buffalo Trap Queen Remix".  The song was actually published in 2015, and dedicated to Rex Ryan & Bruce Smith, but is now re-surfacing (via myself)  due to this winning streak the Bills are on.  Maybe a local rapper will hear this and update the lyrics.  I don't know the guy's name doing the rap in the video but he was

The Bills still make you wanna 'SHOUT', but they're a brand new team with brand New Flava:

If you have an updated version please share it with us.

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