This Saturday's Big Sister Spotlight is on the NAPS Youth Volunteers, who traveled from Alabama to Buffalo to be an inspiration to young ladies in Buffalo! See their story inside.

Facebook: NAPS

God works in mysterious ways! The same day we launched the My Sister's Keeper women's mentor group on Facebook, these student relief volunteers showed up at the WBLK studio looking for young women to support and serve. Check out their journey and mission in the video below:

This group of college students travel around the world providing relief and loving support in areas of crisis. They heard about the Riverside catfight where a group of girls jumped another group of girls at the Fourth of July festival.

These NAPS volunteers will be here in Buffalo until July 20 and are looking for agencies and youth programs to be a part of. If you've got one in mind, email or visit their website.

The NAPS volunteers offer this Song of Inspiration.

What I love about this group is that they are willing to share their story in order to let other young ladies know that they are not the only ones going through a tragedy.

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