Community Event
Community Conversations: Let Me Love You is designed for the reason of giving the women in our community an opportunity to share their stories, and experiences, and challenges. Men are invited to attend and simply listen. Get all the details here!
Woman Finds Body Parts in Freezer She Bought
This is sick.
A woman in North Carolina was shocked when she looked into a used freezer she bought and found parts of a dead body inside. Her neighbor sold it to her for 30 bucks and didn't open it until 3 weeks later and then police confirmed they were human remains...
Women To Blame?
For today's Talk At 2 with Yasmin Young, WNYers discuss whether women working, rather than being stay-at-home moms, is a major reason that kids are in the streets and in trouble!  Listen to the comments and vote!
Cosby's Attorney Defends Him!
Over 40 women have come forward to complain about Bill Cosby and most people are convinced Bill Cosby is GUILTY!  Bill Cosby's attorney, Monique Pressley, completely disagrees and is not biting her lip regarding her reasons...
What do you think...
Why Do Men Lie? [Vid]
Hot Topic Tuesday: Why do Men Lie About Stupid Stuff?
Is this guy telling the truth? Comment below or @JazzyTOnAir #HotTopicTuesday
Big Sister Spotlight
Do you know of a woman who is helping to make our community better by mentoring youth? Nominate her for the Big Sister Spotlight!
Big Sister Spotlight: NAPS
This Saturday's Big Sister Spotlight is on the NAPS Youth Volunteers, who traveled from Alabama to Buffalo to be an inspiration to young ladies in Buffalo! See their story inside.
battle of the sexes memes
For this week's Hot Topic Tuesday, listeners had the chance to express what they don't like about the opposite sex. "I hate when Dudes be like I'll Be there in 5 Minutes!" Check out some of the funniest real life "Be Like" Memes inside.
Check Out This Week’s #SUPREMECUTIES [POLL]
We are now on instagram follow us @WBLK and since I know the ladies love posting pics, we are going to have a special edition of instagram #supremecutie. This week’s featured #supremecuties are Dom_Brianna, Breannamarii, mzpnksol, and MsGisselleP...
#SupremeCutie Of The Night Cheryl Rosetta
Tonight’s #SupremeCutie is one of my Facebook friends, Cheryl Rosetta. Think you’re cute enough to be featured on wblk.com? Well mention us on Twitter @WBLK_937FM for a chance to be featured as a WBLK #SupremeCutie of the Night. Twitpic yourself and use the hashtag #S…

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