The viral video of the July 4th Riverside catfight has activated a group of women to "Get our Girls Back" on track towards a peaceful and prosperous life.


By now you have heard of or seen the video (taken by some irresponsible dude) where a group of females jumps another group of females at the Fourth of July carnival in Riverside.

That got me to thinking, "What happened to our girls to make them want to split her sister's face against a fence?!"

Many more voiced their concern about the horrific video online.


Soon after, an online mentoring group "My Sister's Keeper International" was formed on Facebook, and hundreds of successful women have come together to get to work and get our girls back! #GoGB

Facebook: Sisters Keeper International

Facebook comments started pouring in on how we can reach out to these girls and support those in need of guidance, friendship and support.

Facebook: My Sisters Keeper International

Detra Trueheart added this perspective to the conversation:

My biggest challenge has always been parents who teach the total opposite of what we teach our girls and it has to stop somewhere. There has to be a message sent to the parents whether they like it or not that they are partly responsible helping to keep their kids on track instead of competing with them and encouraging the mess we saw on that video of the riverside fight.

I see it every time I work with a family via gateway. A parent wants me to fix their kid but doesn't want to take responsibility for their part in creating what we now are trying to fix. There is a two part prong: 1) break the curse and be the example for these girls 2) reach out to the parents or provide links to the parents to what's available to help them with their kids.


I agree, it starts at the home. But what if there are no good examples coming from the home? We -- the women of the community -- must step up and be there for the young women who are crying out for attention.

Please join us on Facebook as we strive to connect young women with mentors, counselors, employers, educators and sisters around the world!

Here are just a few of the programs already in place to support the young women in Western New York. Please add more in the comment section below, and SHARE this with every young lady you know! We are here for you.

  • Teens in Progress
  • Pretty As A Daisy Mentoring
  • Beauty Mark
  • Girls 2 Women
  • YMBP Scholarship and Enrichment Program
  • Eniola Sisters
  • Magnificent Gems
  • Be Candy Coated
  • Who Runs the World Girls
  • Prevention focus
  • GIRLS Sports Foundation
  • Omega Mentoring
  • North Buffalo Junior Athletic Association
  • Above Rubies Debutante Initiative