The title of this post is revealing in that this gang, The 'Felony Lane Gang', targets women, according to Local News Reports.  Be aware of your surroundings at all times.  according to WGRZ News and West Seneca police Lt. James Unger:

"They have quite a system in place. In fact, I would call them organized crime.”

WATCH: (This is a Newscast from a TV Station in New Hampshire regarding 'The Felony Lane Gang', who are reportedly in Buffalo and surrounding areas) 

Here's what happened to one local woman, according to WGRZ News:

On December 30 she paid a brief visit, just after nightfall, to the YMCA on Southwestern Boulevard.  She returned a short time later to find her car window smashed and her wallet, which she’d left in the car, missing.

West Seneca police Lt. James Unger said this:

“Lots of times the victims are what might be referred to as the typical ‘soccer mom.  These thieves target places where they know women may be less likely to bring their purse with them.  As well, the thieves are known to work in groups, with one of them watching potential victims, and then summoning others to roll up and commit the burglary once a victim is out of sight. Lots of time, women come to the gym in their workout gear and don’t plan to use the locker room inside. They put their purse underneath a jacket or under a seat where it still could be visible, and this is the opportunity these criminals are looking for.”

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