Last night was the big premier of BET's The Game and there were a few new faces, hits and misses...

Right off the bat I liked the show overall. It lived up to it's hype answering a lot of lingering questions fans have had for 2 years now. The show takes place in real time- so it's been 2 years since Melanie and Derwin have been married and DJ, Derwin's sonis 2 years old. But there were definitely some disappointments too.

HIT: I can tell I will love Melanie and Derwin's story line. That child is going to cause some major problems for them and now that the test proves DJ ISDerwin's biological son only time will tell if Melanie will tell Derwin, and how the conversation unfolded between Janay and Derwin after he told her DJ wasn't his.

HIT: Kelly is now a reality star. THAT is soo realistic and fits in perfectly!! She has this all new fierce attitude, style and look. It's a lot to get used to -especially that ugly haircut- BUT I can grow to love the new Kelly, like I loved the old Kelly. And I will forever Love Jason, no matter what he says and does...SEXY!

MISS: Umm WTF happened to Brittany??? Not only did she turn 17 after 2 years she's a whole new character??!! And I don't like it!! I want the old Brittany. The little mixed girl who should be much younger looking than this new Brittany.

MISS: Terrence J. His acting was OK, but that's the thing...I could tell he was acting. And to see him tonguing down Tasha Mack, it just wasn't a good look. No telling how long he will play her love interest. But please stick to hosting.

HIT: Malik Wright is worse than ever!! Before, his antics were subjected to hoes and groupies- which I didn't mind. I thought it was fitting. Now, he is taking aim at his friend/assistant Tee Tee, and is playing with fire by sleeping with his boss's wife! This is a disaster waiting to happen!

My Overall Rate: A solid B+

What do you rate the first episode? Did you watch The Game? What were your favorite parts? What was a hit, and what was a miss?

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