1. Nelly’s alleged rape accuser drops  the police investigation against him.TMZ is reporting that the woman’s lawyer, Karen Koehler, says her client, “will not testify further in a criminal proceeding against him.” Nelly has always maintained his innocence since the Oct 7th arrest and is contemplating taking legal action. Click here for more information on this story!


2. Nene Leakes is in hot water and out of a job! She was scheduled to join xscape’s tour but during a recent stand-up performance she told a heckler in so many words, that she hopes they’re sexually assaulted by their Uber driver and it’s not going over well. To be honest I had no clue she was even a comedian! But that’s neither here nor there. She apologized to her fans citing a ‘breakdown’ as the culprit but the damage has already been done, as she has been dropped from “The Great Xscape Tour” Click here for more information on this story!


3. Eminem shook the hip hop world with a prolific freestyle criticizing President Trump and his supporters during the Cypher on the BET Hip Hop Awards. The performance was praised by many celebrities and athletes including Colin Kapernick and LeBron James. The Freestyle which he calls ‘The Storm’ caused a Twitter storm of support and dismay over his anti-trump lyrics. Click here for more information on this story!

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