Last week rumors were circulating that Keyshia Ka’oir, newly wed wife of rapper Gucci Mane had 3 kids.  People were claiming that she had kids that she abandoned and left in her homeland of Jamaica to start a life with Gucci.  Of course she denied all the rumors but today in several interviews she revealed that she does in fact have children but its not what everybody thinks.

She said, Gucci and I both have children. It's a situation where I'm proud to be a mother, but I need it to be private. I don't need the kids in the limelight. I don't want them on social media. I need them to go to school and just be children.  She also revealed that she is very protective of her and Gucci’s children because of what she experienced as a child in Jamaica with the murder of her father.

She told Wendy Williams, “I left Jamaica at 10-years-old after seeing my dad get brutally murdered,” she admitted. “I came to America at that time at 10, and did all my schooling here. So, there’s no way I would have three kids at 10-years-old, it just doesn’t make sense.”

Gucci and Keyshia's wedding aired live on BET on October 17th and is apart of 10 episode special Gucci Mane & Keyshia Ka’oir: The Mane Event that airs every Tuesday at 10pm. Now that the air has been cleared, don't expect to see the kids on social media or the show anytime soon.


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