Look out for the Andrusz family on LIVE! With Kelly & Ryan this morning! They will be on with their record-setting pumpkin! This year the Andrusz family grew the LARGEST pumpkin of all time in North America weighing 2,554 pounds.

They were originally aiming at just the United States record but ended up breaking the North American record. It's not their first rodeo, though. They know what they are doing.

It's not just about good soil, constant water, and care, but you need pumpkin seeds with good genetics. In fact, the Giant Pumpkin Commonwealth was involved with doing the seed removal from the pumpkin.

Now, the pumpkin and Mr. Andrusz will be on LIVE! With Kelly and Ryan starting at 9 am this morning (Thursday, October 20)! Ironically, after they received the invite to be on the morning TV program, their record for the heaviest pumpkin was broken! Even though that the record was broken, the Andrusz crew was still welcomed on. 

It could not have happened to a nicer or harder-working family. Congrats Andrusz family!

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