Yasmin Young spoke with K'Ron Moore about the season final of 'Tyler Perry's The Oval.'

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"Written, directed and executive produced by Perry, The Oval tells the story of a family placed in the White House by people of power while also highlighting the personal side and everyday lives of the staff who run the inner workings of the nation’s most iconic residence." ~ Deadline

K'Ron stars as Victoria Franklin, the First Lady of the United States, in Tyler Perry’s The Oval. The BET series follows the lives of President Hunter Franklin and the First Lady, which is filled with lies, drama and scandal. The two-part season finale will air tonight, July 22, on BET at 9 pm. If you are late to the party, you can catch up on Tyler Perry's The Oval on BET Plus.

K'Ron talked to me about how she studied former First Ladies of the United States to learn about their poise and posture, as she felt that was very important for her character.  She also spoke about the White House employees and how they have their own story line in The Oval.

Credit: The Oval via Youtube

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