Hate crimes seem to be increasing.  It's not difficult to see the increase and relate that to the climate in our Country, seemingly fueled by the manner in which our President has chosen to express himself.  You can't help but agree that there has been no other President who has blatantly said any of the things that have been said by President Trump.  However, the people who are committing Hate crimes cannot use President Trump as the culprit for their actions... Hate was instilled In them far before President Trump took office.  If those people feel it convenient to interpret the President's behavior as an excuse, or ticket, to express their personal ignorance, they are fooling themselves.  Does President Trump spark something within these people?  Yes, quite possibly and probably, but is he responsible for their actions...no.

With that said, the following story, reported by Milwaukie Journalist Chern'ey Amhara, is not fiction...it's real and it's happening in our Country.  Black people have experienced the White Supremacist mindset; now other cultures are the target.

In the following news story, it may not be a coincidence that President Trump has spoken badly about people who are descendants of a Culture different than his.  Influence can go along way and there are people in our world who don't need much of it to act a fool.

WATCH: (and then read the story as to how this transpired...it's sad and senseless) 

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