Here's what an anonymous McKinley High School Teacher told WGRZ's Claudine Ewing:

"While I was talking to the mother she asked to speak to her son. He talked to his mother very shortly and then handed me back the phone and started cussing at me, yelling at me. as I was going back to sit back into my desk chair he body slammed me to the ground and  I'm not sure what I landed on but my back was severely cut open."

When asked by the WGRZ Reporter how he felt, the teacher responded:

"Not too good, very distraught. This is my career, something I love to do teaching students and something you never expect to happen in your career."

According to the WGRZ News Story, the Buffalo Police arrested a 14-Year-Old Boy (Student) and charged him with felony assault and harassment...a violation.

Also according to the news story, Teachers Union President, Phil Rumor, says the teacher told that after the incident, the student told the teacher,

"come to the block...we got guns"

There are implications, based upon reading the news story, that the leadership at the school is in question.  In the news article, the teacher was quoted as saying,

"The culture of the school has drastically changed since Principal Barton was removed from the school and he new culture and leadership is creating a culture where teachers and students feel unsafe."

Teachers Union President, Phil Rumor, added (according to the new story)

"This is one of the first schools that we have ever had that the teachers took a vote of no confidence because of what was going on in that school."

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