With the stolen bike count at 90, the first thought might be, "I wonder if they have my bike".  That may be a surprising reality and you can find out, according to Captain Jeff Rinaldo of the Buffalo Police Department.

"In order to receive one of these bikes back, you will have to have some type of identifying information whether it's a proof of purchase, a receipt, something that will allow us to confirm you are the rightful owner of the bike," Rinaldo said.

Remember Officer Craig Lehner who lost his life in the Niagara River while training with the BPD as a Diver?  Well it was Officer Lehner's dog, Shield, who discovered the massive amount of stolen bikes.  The bikes were found at 536 Plymouth Avenue, according to WGRZ News. 

The Late Officer Craig Lehner's K-9 Dog, 'Shield':

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