Well, we all made it through the 1st week of seemingly a new way of living...inside.  Most working people look forward to a Happ Hour drink, a get together with Co-Workers, a night out at their favorite bar or nightclub, a movie at a Theater, a concert, dinner out at their favorite restaurant, time with the kids, etc.

None of the above means of entertainment are possible to take advantage of right now and even when they do become available again, there may be changes regarding the way each is implemented.

So what things can we do at home with our loved ones and family members that are inclusive of everyone?  One thing that can engage all members of your household, regardless of age, and create an atmosphere of fun and even togetherness as a relief from the stress regarding what the entire earth is going through, is play interactive video games.  There are so many to choose from. but I've suggested 5 video games that I know of which are not only fun and entertaining but educational as well.

Here are  5 Video Games that will Unite and Entertain your entire household:

  • THE GOLF CLUB 2019

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