According to a 2014 CNET Featured Article, Google reported that Android users take 93 Million selfies per day!  You see it happening everywhere...but did you ever wonder why people do it?  Do you take selfies for you to look at yourself or for others to look at you?

According to some psychologists, there are specific reason people take selfies.  Here are 5 of those reasons, based on a study done at Ohio State University. (according to 

1. According to the results, people who post more selfies on social media show more narcissistic and psychopathic tendencies. It’s logical to think that some of them spend a lot of time editing their pictures, and that’s where narcissism comes in.

2. According to this study, we also show antisocial personality traits with these pictures.

3. The study also found that many people who take selfies and post them immediately and directly on social media demonstrate a lack of impulse control. It makes sense, and actually makes up an entire branch of psychology.

4. However, many non-narcissistic people also spend a lot of time editing their selfies. This behavior is described as auto-objectification. Auto-objectification refers to a state of being where physical appearance becomes a part of your personality that you highly value. People in this state build their self-esteem on their physical appearance, rather than their accomplishments or abilities.

5. Furthermore, many people who upload edited selfies to social media and  get positive comments show elevated levels of an artificial form of self-esteem. For these people, this form of self-esteem turns into the most important aspect of their personality.

Do you agree with this study?  Relationship Expert, Dr. Julie Hanks agrees but doesn't agree overall.  This is what she said, according to her website:

I don’t believe, however, that most people who snap selfies are arrogant narcissists. Not at all. Every person’s motivation is a little bit different, but there are some common deeper implications that may accompany the tendency to take pictures of yourself. One includes the human desire to capture memories. We like to have proof that we’ve lived, that we’ve had enjoyable and meaningful experiences with others. A picture may provide that piece of evidence that we’re looking for. It’s natural to want to be remembered and to have left our mark, and in some ways a selfie may be a sort of photographic legacy.

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