Starting Monday night around 7 pm, the Buffalo fire department was called to 5 different garage fires.

The first fire was at a garage that belonged to a house on Cleveland Avenue, across from Canisus Highschool. The garage had damages that came up to 100,000 dollars at least, according to WIVB

Within 2 hours, the fire crew was called again for another fire on Highland Ave where the fire had not only done damage to the garage but to the cars inside it as well. 3 hours were spent putting out the fire.

A third garage fire was called in not even 10 minutes later, on Elmwood Avenue between Lancaster Avenue and Lafayette Avenue.

Yet another fire took place on Penhurst Pl where the garage and its contents were damaged at a total of 90,000 dollars.

A final garage fire took place on Cleveland Avenue.

Two firefighters were mildly injured. All 5 garage fires totaled to about 800,000 dollars in damages.

20-year-old Nathan Wasyl was arrested on Middlesex Rd in the area.

He was charged with burglary, criminal mischief, trespassing, reckless endangerment, and second and third-degree arson. He was traveling on a bicycle and police do not know if he acted alone or not. Officials believe he was stealing from the garages and then started the fires to cover up his tracks according to WIVB

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