It's been all over the news, even Nationally, regarding the 1st African-American to be named Valedictorian at an All Boys UPrep School in Rochester, NY.  The story, on the surface, or at least based on what became the prevalent rendition of what happened, was, and is, that the Principal of the school, Joseph Munno, would not allow 18 Year-Old Jaisaan Lovett  to delver his Valedictorian Speech.

The "other side" of this, on Principal Munno's behalf, states a different story in that Jaissan Lovett allegedly declined doing a speech, to begin with, and then 10 minutes before the Graduation Ceremony changed his mind and asked permission to delver a speech.  His request was allegedly declined because Jaissan was asked to present the speech for review but he could, or did not,.

Listen to the interview with Principal Joseph Munno:

Although Jaissan was not able to speak, Principal Joseph Munno presented him at the Graduation Ceremony with high accolades.  Strangely at the end, Jaissan chose to share a few words upon receiving his diploma  but refused to use the microphone at the podium, although prompted to do so by the audience and his peers.


This story took a surprising turn when Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren got wind of the story.  Upon learning of Jaisson being refused the delivery of his Valedictorian Speech, Mayor Warren stepped in and allowed Jaisson to delver his Valedictorian Speech from Rochester, NY's City Hall Bldg.  WATCH THE NEWS STORY.

The News Story:

The following is Jaisson Lovett's Valedictorian Speech as the 1st African-American to be chosen Valedictorian at UPrep.


What are your thoughts regarding this bizarre story?  Do you agree with Mayor Lovely Warren  allowing Jaisson to delver his Valedictorian Speech from City Hall?

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