This news story is a bit misleading as you're not being told that, similar to the Catholic Priests who have been cited for and accused of sexual abuse against young boys, the allegations and list of names are primarily from the 1980s and early '90s...nothing current.  The News Story could make a family leary of having their son participate, that's why I'm stressing that this is not a vast and overwhelming situation such that there's a widespread threat whereas boys are in current danger by joining The Boy Scouts of America,

News Stories report that the entire Boy Scout Leaders list, which is being called 'The Perversion Files', has over 7000 names of accused Scout Leaders with 130 of those names coming from across the state of New York...WOW.

Among those from Western New York:

  • Kenneth Allan Dingman, Troop 48, Albion

  • Douglas Louis White, Troop 399, Angola

  • Charles E. Ladison, Troop 24, Belmont

  • Timothy H. Jones, Explorer Post 10, Buffalo

  • Richard Earl Martin, Troop 335, Buffalo; Troop 257, Grand Island

  • Lowell L. Merritt, Troop 67, Corfu

  • John E. Grace, Troop 567, Depew

  • Douglas W. Nail, Troop 565, Depew

  • William D. Baker, Troop 547, Lackawanna

  • Raymond W. Culbertson, Troop 547, Lackawanna

  • Alfred L. Cote, Pack 185, North Tonawanda

  • Peter Naffky, Troop 450, Tonawanda

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