Packers and Steelers fans can start getting their Super Bowl trips planned and booked. The Super Bowl will be held at the Cowboy’s stadium in Dallas. If you are planning on attending, don’t forget your credit card…cards. Beware that after paying for the actual ticket to the game, the hotel room, parking spot, and memorabilia, your bank account may drop substantially. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that some parking lots close to Cowboys Stadium are asking nearly $1,000 for prime spots that usually run around $140. The hotels are also raising their price 4 times their normal value.

So, let’s just price out what it would cost the average fan to go to the Super Bowl.

Airfare: (Obviously, depends on where you’re flying from, but lets just say Ohio): $750 per person at the very least.
Hotel: According to this report, $75/night hotel rooms are going for $500.
Tickets: The cheapest tickets available per this report are $2,600 apiece ranging all the way up $16,000.

So not even counting meals, drinks, taxis, merchandise, etc. an average fan, getting the absolute bottom tier tickets, hotel, airfare and walking the mile to stadium is paying nearly $4,000 per person to attend the game. Read more here