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Tony “Solo” Hearst is no stranger to the Buffalo business scene as he has several extremely successful businesses in the 716, some of which he has recently taken on the road. His newly formed record label Solo Group Entertainment has been making major moves since its inception and has recently been relocated to Dallas Texas. Not only is he in the process of building a new studio there, but Solo Group ENT’s artist Hotmoney is become a force to reckon with in the industry. The Roxboro, North Carolina rapper has been hitting the stage doing shows and is currently negotiating a non-label deal.  When asked why Solo signed Hotmoney, he replied,

“I saw him perform at a showcase and saw how he rocked it and I liked his energy. He’s different because he’s hungry as hell and doesn’t wait for the label to do something pertaining to his career, he steps up and helps too. He reaches out to me before he makes a move and asks questions and doesn’t just post or do anything without letting me know…..He does more listening than talking, that’s how I know he’s going to go far. He reminds me of me when I was younger.” 

With the whole Roxboro on his back and with the help of Solo, Hotmoney plans to make his city proud. Not only is he giving back to his community in various ways but they are also planning a 10-city tour. If that’s not enough, the two are also planning to shoot a movie series at the beginning of 2022 which will be similar to the hit series “The Wire”. At this time the movie will be filmed in Hotmoney’s hometown. When it comes to the music, Solo is currently seeking talent, especially R&B Singers and female rappers so if you know someone or think you have what it takes, you can inquire via Instagram or email

You can also follow Hotmoney's movement on Instagram and on Youtube

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