This morning I had a very interesting conversation with a minister who said that while watching the Superbowl halftime show with Beyoncé, it was loaded with Illuminati symbolisms; so much so, that the lights of the Super Dome went out soon after. He went on to say that we are living in a time where evil and demonic forces are ruling the world—REALLY!?!

So I decided to see if anyone else (on the internet) was talking about what this man had just mentioned and there were several places to find the conspiracy theorist and their claims of a satanic ritual that was performed by who some call the “Illuminati Puppet” Beyoncé. In fact one individual broke it all the way down to the start of the show at 8:21 and what was happening with the stars and their alignment over New Orleans.

Now whether or not Beyoncé was performing some type of ritual or not, what bother s me most about the whole Illuminati discussion is how a lot of African symbolism(s) have been desecrated and twisted to mean something bad and evil! It is almost as if the TRUE KNOWLEDGE of African people is being used in a way to steer us from what belongs to us and always has from the very beginning of time (including what’s on the green side of that one dollar bill in your pocket).


So what are your thoughts on this whole Illuminati “thing”? And do you think African people will be able to claim what is culturally ours and use it uplift our community and family?

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