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Join ya girl Jazzy T, Independent Health & The Buffalo Bills for a 6 week Health & Wellness Challenge. Round 2 of "The Challenge" starts today April 20th with a Grand Prize of a trip to London England!! Sign Up now and let's get moving TOGETHER!
This morning I had a very interesting conversation with a minister who said that while watching the Superbowl halftime show with Beyoncé, it was loaded with Illuminati symbolisms; so much so, that the lights of the Super Dome went out soon after. He went on to say that we are living in a time…
NJ puts freeze on halftime show
Super Bowl XLVIII is set to be played at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. This will be the first intentionally cold weather outdoor Super Bowl in the history of the NFL. With that being said, the halftime show could be axed! ...and that’s just one of many cold weather problem…
5 Superbowl Tips For Women
Super Bowl Sunday is February 3rd 2013.  Ladies, if you’re trying to impress a date or you want to show off a little sports knowledge to your man and his sports crazed friends, this blog is for you!
Here's the Top 5 things you need to know to survive Super Bowl XLVII
Dance With Beyonce
Beyonce scoring the halftime show at Super Bowl XLVII is a celebration in itself, but now seasoned dancers and fans of the superstar can share in the spotlight as she searches for a select few to join her on Feb. 3, 2013.
Birdman Still Feelin’ Lucky Placing Bet On NBA Finals
Boombox is reporting that the Head man of Cashman Records, Birdman is taking his winning from a bet he made on this past Superbowl, and now is  trying to double that money by placing a 2 million dollar bet on the Miami Heat to win the NBA finals against the Dallas Mavericks.  Birdman Tweeted June 1s…
Oprah’s Final Episode Won’t Be Cheap
The Oprah brand has always been something advertiser wanted to be apart of, and now that the countdown is on for the final program of the Oprah show, it has been rumored that advertiser will paid "prime-time" or even "Superbowl" type ad prices for the final episod…
$1,000 For Parking At The Super Bowl???
Packers and Steelers fans can start getting their Super Bowl trips planned and booked. The Super Bowl will be held at the Cowboy’s stadium in Dallas. If you are planning on attending, don’t forget your credit card…cards. Beware that after paying for the ac…

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