Super Bowl XLVIII is set to be played at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. This will be the first intentionally cold weather outdoor Super Bowl in the history of the NFL. With that being said, the halftime show could be axed! ...and that’s just one of many cold weather problems. Also check out some of our favorite halftime performances inside!


NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said that Super bowl XLVIII will be played at the MetLife Outdoor stadium regardless of the frigid weather elements. Here are the top 3 potential problems that can happen as a result:

1. No Halftime Show- Depending on the weather conditions, setting up a stage and putting on a big show would be halfway impossible in such a short period of time. Also, I bet the potential performer wouldn’t want to use their golden vocals in zero below weather. (Remember Beyonce didn’t sing at the Inauguration and it was 30 degrees!)
2. The two teams that will be playing might have some issues playing in cold conditions. If a team is used to playing in warm weather, playing the biggest game of the year under certain elements might throw them off of their game.
3. If there is no halftime show... there will be no moments like these:

Beyonce, 2013

Janet Jackson, 2004

Can you imagine this wardrobe malfunction in freezing temps? Strike that. Get that visual out ya head!

Michael Jackson, 1993

Yes, the Super bowl halftime show is a pretty big deal. If the halftime show is taken away next year, how can the many women viewers be entertained?

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