Dallas, the largest California seal lion at the Buffalo Zoo unexpectedly passed away at the Zoo Sunday night. He was the big lovable seal that you would always see dancing and definitely you could hear him bark from far away.

We are heartbroken to share that Dallas, the California sea lion, unexpectedly passed away on Sunday night. Our veterinary and animal care teams had been closely monitoring and treating Dallas for a respiratory issue", according to the Facebook page.

California sea lions live to about their mid twenties. Dallas, the seal had to deal with an arthritis issue before during his time here. The Buffalo Zoo continued and it was an important note for people to know that this incident was not related to the recent passing of Sampson the giraffe and the Buffalo Zoo.

No one more than our teams at the Buffalo Zoo knows how devastating this loss is especially after losing Sampson the giraffe just a short time ago. Please know these two sad incidents are in no way related.

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The California sea lion is a coastal eared seal native to western North America. The California sea lion one of five species and its natural habitat ranges from southeast Alaska to central Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico.

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