Jerk Of the week this week is more like jerk of the year - must I say it, George Zimmerman.
Say his name three times in the dark and you too will be cursed with stupidity for life. Seems someone at the big Orlando gun show in Florida thought it would be a good idea to have Mr. Zimmerman there to do a meet and greet and sign autographs earlier this week.

I'm sorry when did getting away with murder make you a celebrity – I'm lost. First he wanted to do a celebrity boxing match for some animal charity, and now he wants to sign autographs. Well, it turn out the backlash was so bad - when the public found out of his appearance that the main venue Majestic cancelled. But that didn't stop Zimmerman and his supporters they just found a smaller venue to have his meet and greet.

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Ok, I hear you out there – some people are comparing Zimmerman to Oj now. Sorry but Oj was a celebrity way before his scandal, so he was signing autographs for what he did on the football field. Zimmerman is at a gun show signing autographs of an old picture of himself when he was about 80lbs lighter, hugging a dog – at a gun show, apples and oranges. That’s more like if Oj came out with a knife line and was selling knives on QVC after he got acquitted of murder – It’s just plain wrong.

George Zimmerman you are this week’s JERK OF THE WEEK. I have an idea for you. Do a charity boxing match and get in the ring with Trayvon Martins dad now That’s something I would pay for.

Nancy Grace

What do you think about this nonsense? Would you get Zimmerman’s autograph?

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